Monday, 15 July 2013

Piling Information

What is piling?


Piling is the service provided by professional groundwork and excavation specialists and involves the process of making buildings more secure and stable. A form of piling known as mini piling is also used as building foundation for conservatories and Orangeries. Mini piling is suitable for small projects that are laid over a relatively small area.
Piling has been done on nearly all buildings you see yet literally no one really knows what it is. Piling is what allows tall buildings to stand so, well, tall. It allows houses to stand for a lot longer than expected expiry date and provide a sustainable housing plan for the future.
Underpinning is another form of piling and mini piling that is basically the same thing except made out of different materials. Underpinning is cheaper than piling but as with all services provided with a lesser material it simply is not s good. But it can be a very good cost benefit for some projects and underpinning whilst not as good does do the job and your home should never have to be redone in you or your kids’ lifetime.

Why Do I need Piling?


Piling as well as being a service that is an absolute must in terms of stability and structure for any building is also a legal requirement. Piling provides housing for future generations by allowing the structure to stand for longer and with our ever growing population this is something the government have to take into consideration. This means not only is piling, mini piling and underpinning required in terms of future investment but it is also required by the court of Law.

You can read more about building foundations, piling and mini piling online here

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